Marine Growth Removal | Offshore Structures

Marine Growth Removal Hoops

Marine growth and its removal is an ever-present problem on offshore structures. Its presence causes an increase in the tubular diameter and projected area leading to increased hydrodynamic loading.

Its presence also prevents thorough inspection being carried out in the splash zone areas.

Oilfield Testing Services Ltd fabricate marine growth removal hoops to your exact requirements, they can be transported by sea or by air and are easily fitted using our own in-house team of Multi-Skilled Rope Access Fitters.

Complete removal of hard and soft marine growth is usually achieved in approx 2 days. The pictures below show a typical application before and after removal of the hoops 2 days later.

Additional services that can be offered within the team of Multi-Skilled Fitters are Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, and Splash Zone Camera Inspection.