Ultrasonic Phased Array | Pipe Corrosion | Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Under Pipe Support Inspection

Ultrasonic Phased Array technology has become the established method for advanced NDT testing applications. Phased Array techniques allow the user to control parameters such as beam angle and focal distance to create an image of the test part, enhancing defect detection and speed of testing. In addition using the latest computer technology data can be permanently recorded for processing and report generation.

Corrosion of process pipe walls at support contact points has long been a problem for Integrity departments, due to the lack of reliable technology to detect and quantify this corrosion this has often resulted in fitting of temporary supports to allow removal, inspection and maintenance of existing supports which is often un-necessary.

Through considerable investment from OTS and Sonatest we have developed phased array technology to allow measurement of pipe wall corrosion at contact points with pipe supports. This allows the area and depth of corrosion to be quantified under any given support; this data can then be provided to our in-house engineers or Integrity departments to assess the fitness to remain in service.

We can also provide pipe support maintenance solutions to prevent future under pipe support corrosion issues and repair solutions for existing supports no longer considered fit for service.

Ultrasonic Phased Array | Pipe Corrosion | Corrosion Protection