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Specialist Inspection

Magnetic flux leakage is an electro-magnetic method of non destructive testing that is used to detect corrosion and pitting in steel structures, most commonly pipelines, boiler tubes and storage tanks. It is best used as a gross test over large areas to home in on areas requiring further investigation. A powerful magnet is used to magnetize the steel. At areas where there is corrosion or missing metal, the magnetic field "leaks" from the steel. In an MFL tool, a magnetic detector is placed between the poles of the magnet to detect the leakage field. Trigger levels are preset using reference plates or reference tubes, areas of interest are further investigated using UT.

Guided Wave Testing

Guided Wave testing is a relatively new method in the field of non-destructive evaluation. The method employs mechanical stress waves that propagate along a pipe structure 'guided' by its boundaries. This allows the waves to travel a long distance with little loss in energy. In ideal circumstances, hundreds of meters can be inspected from a single location

Hardness Testing

Hardness is the measure of how resistant solid matter is to various kinds of permanent shape change when a force is applied; There are three main types of hardness measurements: scratch, indentation, and rebound. OTS are able to offer portable on-site rebound hardness testing, this measures the height of the "bounce" of a diamond-tipped hammer dropped from a fixed height onto a material.

Thermal Imaging

The use of thermography has revolutionised predictive maintenance inspection programs for virtually all types of industries.

A thermal imaging camera is a reliable non destructive test instrument which is able to scan and visualize the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of process systems, machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. Predictive Maintenance Plans utilising Thermography have contributed to substantial cost savings for our customers.

Non Destructive Testing | Thermal Imaging | Thermography Non Destructive Testing | Thermal Imaging | Thermography