Remote Visual Inspection

Remote Visual Inspection allows examination and inspection of components within non accessible areas and hostile environments. It can eliminate the need for man-entry and often requires much less preparation than man-entry.

Through considerable investment over many years Oilfield Testing Services ltd are able to offer one of the largest RVI fleets in the country enabling you to illuminate, view, measure, record and manipulate in spaces from 4mm up to in excess of several metres. Inspections can be carried out in hazardous areas using EX Rated (explosion proof rated) equipment, underwater or subsea. In addition to this all our equipment is operated by our own multi-skilled inspection technicians providing experienced interpretation of the visual images.

Our fleet includes small diameter Flexible Endoscopes, small diameter Push-Rod Cameras, EX Rated Push-Rod Cameras, Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras, EX Rated Crawler Mounted Camera, Workclass Underwater ROV Cameras, Vessel Inspection Cameras

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